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“Former Chronic Bad Breath Sufferer
Uncovers The Truth About How
Easy It Is To Cure Bad Breath & Keep Your
Breath Naturally Fresh, And…

…Finally Reveals The Simple, Safe And Effective Things You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW “

Even if you SMOKE there is advice and a range of opportunities
to reduce the effects of bad breath…

My name is Brenten Morris and I understand why you are here.

I know how it feels to be one of those people that struggle with the embarrassment of persistent bad breath, or even occasional bad breath. For me it wasn’t just for days and weeks or months, but for decades ! 

For more years than I care to remember I had to suffer the frustration of being on the outside of all the fun with friends and family. I tried to hide the problem of my bad breath but I just got overwhelmed by having all the good times ruined time and time again. 

brentI remember how it awful it felt when my chances with a new girlfriend slipped away.

This happened more times than I can care to admit, not to mention the embarrassment I had to endure during those rare moments of getting up close and personal. I was so ashamed that I completely stopped going out and socializing.

I will also admit that my frustrations with my bad breath did lead to a period of depression. It was pure hell struggling with the social isolation and it badly affected my enthusiasm for everyday life.

I felt like giving up.


I was determined to get a breakthrough

Bad breath has caused some of the greatest social anxieties in my daily life.

I have been lucky in my career, but I have had some very embarrassing moments during work hours because of my halitosis. Bad breath can easily defeat your chances of promotion and salary increases. 

I know from first-hand experience that halitosis (chronic bad breath) can devastate your intimate relationships, friendships and overwhelm your confidence and self-esteem. 

I went on a roller coaster of emotions trying to deal with the disappointment and distress. Luckily my desperation drove me to find solutions.

No one seemed to be able to help me

Over the years, like many sufferers, I’ve have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars, perhaps even thousands of dollars, on commercial mouthwashes and rinses, breath freshening sprays, minted chewing gums, expensive specialized oral-care products and programs!

It’s no secret that the advertising of all the major commercial brands play on the fact that people are desperate and vulnerable.

Let’s face it, if you don't get the basics right, you would be lucky to get 15 to 20 minutes of so-called fresh breath from an alcohol-based commercial mouthwash or breath freshener…

Perhaps you’ve tried everything… and failed?

What if I told you that transient bad breath can be managed so easily that the big companies should be ashamed?

If you don't have complete understanding then you are exposed to being manipulated. Billions of dollars are made every year from peoples’ ignorance and desperation.

If everyone had the facts about what it takes to keep their breath fresh then the large multi-national companies would lose over 90% of their business.

Maybe you’ve suffered so long that you don’t know where to turn…

I have tried the vast majority of the major brand supermarket oral mouthwash and commercial products and I was consistently disappointed about finding meaningful solutions for my problems with bad breath. Some of the alcohol-based products even made my problems worse, and a little further on I tell you why this is a risk for everybody.

Foul-smelling breath can turn your life into a living hell

You don’t have to keep suffering. I know that bad breath is a problem that can be managed properly once you have the right information and use the right approach.

I know this is the truth because I have been through “bad breath hell” and come out the other side with the skills and knowledge to maintain fresh breath.

I have more than just a strong belief in “Fresh Breath Advice”.

Easy steps to win the battle against bad breath …..

"Fresh Breath Advice" is based on my personal experience and exhausting research based on the latest scientific studies and reports.

Expert information, backed by science….

All this advice is based on trustworthy scientific studies and recommendations from world-leading sources such as the National Institutes Of Health (NIH), the American Dental Association (ADA), The Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Israel, and the University of Turku, Finland, just to name a few…


“…Life is too good to waste“

I just wanted to say thank you for your book ! My breath was so bad my wife made me sleep in the spare bedroom. I was getting upset and angry, and I tried all the usual products, but my breath still smelled bad.

I have to tell you, your advice worked for me and it only took days to get results ! My wife is so grateful for your help ! And I‘m back in the same bedroom as my darling wife ! My life is too good to waste.

Thank you.

Bob Wilson – Florida, USA


I turned myself into a human guinea pig

Some people think I went a little bit overboard because I invested months researching the science and the hidden truths about what it takes to manage bad breath and transform it into fresh smelling breath. I applied all of this in my day-to-day life until I got results I'd dreamed of.

As a certified senior lecturer, tutor and trainer I was motivated to understand my troubles from a reliable, professional point of view.

My research, plus real-life testing,
got me what I’ve always wanted….

All the effort paid off because it allowed me to develop a clear step-by-step way to solve my difficulties. You now have the benefit of all of my hard work in “Fresh Breath Advice”.

Rock-solid Results

The fact is that the vast majority of people can be free of their difficulties with bad breath in an extremely short space of time. For myself, it  was just a matter of days for some positive, long-lasting changes for my longer-term problems.

Even more surprising, some of the home-made mouth-rinses, remedies and approaches to basic oral hygiene (like flossing & a clean tongue) can give you results in a matter  of minutes AND…

Save you money by using low-cost ingredients without continuing to rely on expensive commercial products.

My life changed dramatically for the better when I finally discovered easy ways to transform my bad breath with a range of simple, straightforward solutions and positive habits.


In Less Than 3 Minutes You Can Have All The "Inside Information" And "Professional Advice" At Your Finger Tips

It is highly likely you already have some of the safe low-cost ingredients at home! In the majority of people (who are free of underlying medical conditions) these approaches will help you remain in control of maintaining fresh breath.

It truly is time to be properly informed…..


You Do NOT Have To Remain Ignorant About Your Bad Breath

You Will Get "Easy-To-Read" Information and Advice On:

  • Simple, safe home ingredients and how they can work wonders for you by changing the conditions that create bad breath (see page 23)
  • The unfriendly bacteria that actually create your foul smelling breath, and how to manage the negative impact (page 3)
  • Why many dentists and doctors don’t completely understand the root causes of bad breath.
  • Imagine being able to get up close and personal with your partner without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about your breath.
  • The most important things you should do before leaving home to help you avoid joining the “Bad Breath Club”  (page 48)
  • The hidden truth about your tongue and how to turn it into an enemy of bad breath and a friend of fresh breath (page 40)
  • An Ancient Eastern Medicine Practice that uses special oils to prevent gum disease and reduces the risk of bad breath. (page 31)
  • The little known ability of the body for healing dental decay and how to strengthen that. (page 54)
  • Why using certain commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes can actually prevent you from maintaining fresh breath and how these over-the-counter products can, in reality, prolong and even be a trigger for bad breath (pages 22 & 39)
  • How a special tea can improve your oral health and hygiene and also fight the bacteria that trigger bad breath. (page 28)
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of creating bad breath by choosing the right food and beverages and avoid those that create transient problems (page 57).
  • Effective use of diet and nutrition for protecting you against cavities.
  • You will be given the advice, with clear instructions, about a combination of safe everyday ingredients that you can be used as a homemade toothpaste that also combats tooth decay and halitosis. (page 23)
  • Startling information about a naturally occurring sweetener that actually helps protect you against tooth decay. (see page 38)
  • A low-cost, safe, non-toxic readily available household ingredient discovered by U.S. researchers in the mid 70’s, that you can use as a killer blow to bacteria that can cause bad breath. (page 42)
  • How a traditional Japanese vegetable powder can help heal bleeding gums and keep them firm and disease-free. (page 33)
  • Getting your life back – dare to imagine no longer feeling like a slave or victim to the negativity associated with bad breath.
  • Focus on the root cause of bad breath – not just the symptoms
  • And much, much more…..


Smokers Take Heart !

Don’t use your smoking as an excuse not to start……

I used to smoke, so I really do understand how difficult it can be when it comes to having fresh breath.

  • I have incorporated a special section in “Fresh Breath Advice” about how you can manage the effects of smoking and reduce the impact of your bad breath (page 36)

Smokers Need More Support, and you get it…

I know that smokers have an exceptional challenge with bad breath so I have given you even more help to combat your difficulties.

  • To make the journey to maintaining fresh breath even easier I have decided to include a

Special Free Bonus e-Book:

“First Steps To Reducing And Quitting Smoking”

Free Bonuses like this will help you take some easy steps towards reducing and hopefully quitting your smoking habit and getting your fresh breath back.

Even if you don’t smoke, 80-90% of people suffer from bad breath at any given time, but you don’t have to be one of those people anymore.

You Can Win Your Battle With Embarrassment…

I am very proud of my “Fresh Breath Advice” eBook and some of my customers are happy to tell you about how “Fresh Breath Advice” has helped them;

“Thank you so much!“

Your guide was, and still is a great help to me. I work close to people all day and I really needed to know how to avoid embarrassing moments with bad breath.

The commercial mouthwash and toothpaste went into the waste bin. The home-made products are easy to use and so inexpensive. My breath is fresher than ever and my girlfriend can’t stop kissing me ! Thanks so much.

B.C-Dillon, Sound Recordist – Australia


Applying The Right Advice, Information & Action Makes A
 Transformation With Complete Safety And Ease!

“It feels so good not to be embarrassed…
They need to teach this at school…“

I used all the popular brand products to try and make my breath fresh but they never worked well for me. The ingredients and techniques’ your book has shown me keep my breath fresh over such a long period.

I finally understand what I need to do. Everyone needs a copy of this booklet and my children now understand how to improve their oral hygiene too. They definitely need to teach this at school. It feels so good not to be embarrassed. Thank you very very much ! (my wife also thanks you)

S.Williams – Wellington, New Zealand

Safe, Simple, Inexpensive "Common Household Ingredients"
Provide Killer Blows To Bacteria That Trigger Bad Breath.

“It was so easy! Very, very impressed with the results…“

I found the book had just enough anatomy & science jargon (with very understandable explanations made by you) to back up your expert and very easy to follow advise.

A pleasure to read and learnt some very interesting facts. I just wanted to keep reading to find out more! .

I am very, very impressed with the results. It was so easy!.

T.Myers. Anaesthetic Technician – Perth Australia


You will never have to waste money on over-the-counter products again and you will actually be able to manage the problem of bad breath more easily than you might imagine.

My confidence sky-rocketed….

Once you have the right information about how to transform your problems with bad breath it will be a pleasure being around your family and loved-ones, and also with your work colleagues and friends.

Ordering “Fresh Breath Advice” today means you will have all the scientific facts and the truth at your fingertips. You will know exactly how to combat your bad breath quickly, easily and safely….

Stop spending all of your hard earned dollars on commercial products that usually just cover up the problem.

Did you know that most commercial toothpastes (all the popular brands) contain a foaming chemical “soap” that actually dries out the tissues in your mouth ? A dry mouth is a leading factor in bad breath.

Expensive TV ads that claim to be able to solve your problem don’t really help anyone except the shareholders of the big corporations…

In “Fresh Breath Advice” you’ll learn how easy it is to make your own home-made mouthwash and toothpaste. These will help you remain in control of your fresh breath, AND a fraction of the price…

Most major brand alcohol-based mouthwashes have up to 6 times more alcohol than a can of beer!

Alcohol drastically dries out your mouth which is an absolute disaster for fresh breath.

A dry, dehydrated mouth is a haven for those bacteria that create those foul-smelling waste products that are the leading cause of halitosis.  Plus, commercial mouthwashes also contain a list of potentially noxious additives to contend with as well.

Your oral health doesn’t depend on the major brand mouthwashes and products. Take charge and give yourself the fresh breath you want.

Don’t give up…..I didn’t…

I am very proud to offer you a range of professionally researched and sensibly tested step-by step procedures for managing and transforming bad breath. You will have the most up-to-date information, and the honest truth, about how to get fresh breath and keep it that way.

REMEMBER: My solutions and methods do work…..when you work with them. I can give you directions and show you the way – but ONLY you can make it work for yourself…



Gives you the chance to Get Up Close and Personal Again!

My Step-By-Step guide will show you exactly what you need to do to free yourself of the problems caused by bad breath .

You can now easily see yourself being face to face with your partner without drowning your mouth in breath freshener or having to hold your breath, or worrying if they will turn away because of your bad breath!

I will guide you through the same steps that I followed. These easy, safe steps allowed me to finally understand how to avoid inadvertently creating and perpetuating bad breath.

Discovering these solutions completely changed my life for the better and released me from a living hell that had suffocated my life.


When you invest in “Fresh Breath Advice” you’ll also get the Full Package:

  • Knowledge about how your body can actually heal dental decay given the right oral environment. (page 54)
  • An understanding about how proper hydration actually helps fight tooth decay and bad breath. (page12)
  • An extended list of extra ingredients that can be added to your homemade toothpaste that science has shown will actually destroy a range of disease creating bacteria. (page 37)
  • Detailed information about traditional herbs that improve oral hygiene and help fight gum disease.
  • Startling information about how careful preparation and use of a special type of eastern tea can destroy bacteria responsible for tooth decay and help fight dental plaque. (page 45)
  • An exhaustive list of traditional approaches used throughout the centuries that also help fight off bad breath.
  • Tips on how to regain fresh breath when we make a few honest mistakes along the way.
  • Important information on vitamins and nutrition that go hand-in-hand for keeping ourselves in tip-top shape. (page 58)

I want you to have the same success I had so am willing to make this offer irresistible……….

I am also providing you with additional
FREE Extras…

 The information in the “Fresh Breath Advice” eBook is invaluable, PLUS I have also  included…

6 very special FREE Bonuses

I guarantee they will be part of your purchase… if you order today, and they won’t cost you a cent more.

YOUR FREE BONUS #1   “First Steps To Quitting Smoking”…I really do understand that smokers have a tough job keeping their breath fresh so this e-Book is very important for many of you… Valued at $39.95…  This Special Bonus provides A Simple Guide To Taking Some Easy Steps Towards Reducing Your Smoking…and it’s yours today FREE with your order…

YOUR FREE BONUS #2   “The Healing Power Of Water” … A Bonus e-Book For You That Is Worth $24.95… Staying properly hydrated is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves to maintain fresh breath. 

This e-Book provides significant information about water and it’s health properties from the point of view of a highly regarded medical practitioner. It’s a real eye-opener about how easy it is to keep ourselves healthy AND how vital water is, not just for fresh breath, but many other health issues as well. It gets straight to the point about how important good quality water is for our health on a daily basis, and in the long-term.

YOUR FREE BONUS #3   “Potent Foods For Healthy Living”… Eating the right foods is a foundation for good oral health and hygiene …Valued at $35.95… This Bonus provides an important guide to the type of foods that we can thrive on and that helps you maintain control of your fresh breath  … and it’s yours today with your order…

YOUR FREE BONUS #4   “Eliminate Stress And Anxiety From Your Life” … Stress in our lifestyle has a direct impact on the quality of our health, and our breath ! The first thing that suffers if we are stressed is our digestive system, which starts at the mouth ! If you can remember a time when you’ve been nervous or anxious in your life you’ll probably be aware that the first thing that happens is that your mouth goes dry!  Knowing how to handle stress properly is another helpful approach that helps keep your fresh breath on track. This Bonus e-Book Is For You And It Is Valued at $39.95…

YOUR FREE BONUS #5  “Information Pack – Sugar Replacements  – FAQ’s” … A Bonus e-Book For You This Is Worth $15.95…  Sugar replacements can also provide another solution to preserving your oral health.

This information is something you can share with your family and friends. In “Fresh Breath Advice” particular emphasis is given to a specific Natural Sugar Replacement. This extra guide give you a quick overview of what polyols (natural sugar replacements) are and how they can help us fight the bacteria that leads to bad breath and tooth decay.

YOUR FREE BONUS #6   “2 YEARS Of Updates For Fresh Breath Advice e-Book” Once important information comes to hand these updates are delivered to your email, meaning you can stay in touch with the latest studies, science and advice as it’s released.…… …This Is A $199.95 Bonus…And Yours Free With Your Order Today!

These Free Bonuses Will Give You A Massive Head
Start For Getting Free Of Bad Breath

FREE Bonus #1
“Quitting Smoking”

FREE Bonus #2
“Healing Power Of Water”

FREE Bonus #3
“Potent Foods”

FREE Bonus #4
“Eliminate Stress”

FREE Bonus #5
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FREE Bonus #6
“2 YEARS Of Updates”


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Enhance Your Enjoyment Of Life…
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    Brenten Morris, ADip TAA, MEng, BA
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